Velamma Episode 82 A Sight to See

Velamma Episode 82 A Sight to See

Velamma Episode 82 A Sight to see: As You know Ramesh take a break from his office as seen in Velamma Episode 80 Janitor’s Job last image he said I Quit. Therefore, he is relaxing on a sofa and enjoying news on his plasma. Looking at the Women from Weather report he imagines fucking her.

In the next scene Annie new friend of Velamma whom she met in 81 Salesman’s Offer, visits her residence. she gives her new buddy a tiny-trip of the city to enjoy the sounds and flavours of India.
After meeting Hariprasad, a cheerful tour guide, they visit a fort deep in tropical forest. Which was cursed by the spirit of an old Emperor. According to cover She is in Palace and One Old King battle Axe. Annie is missing in the cover, so only thing that can ease his eternal pain is a taste of Velamma. Lets Check it out Velamma Episode 82.

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