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Trumpland Episode 1 – 20 Pgs

Hi guys, enjoy this new Series! This is a Reward for pornTComic Loyal users and we hope you will love it as much as we do! Follow the life of a young man in this brand new series, as he leaves his life in India and deal into a new world to pursue higher studies in Trumpland Episode 1. “K-Man” as he is nicknamed by his friends, is an obnoxiously shy and innocent graduate student who has stepped out of his protective bubble and into the unknown and exciting world abroad. Will he be able to survive this brand new United States of America, or would he flounder under pressure and succumb to homesickness? Find out in this Issue of Trumpland.

Some Wording from this Sequence

Ladies and Gentlemen this is your captain speaking We are experiencing a bit of turbulence…
Air Hostress: As I was Saying… That’s why I moved you up front next to the bathroom Which Reminds me … Do you want a distraction from flying, Young Man? Did I Just Ruin Your Orgasm? I am Sorry. Thanks for Flying with us and Welcome to America…
Zara: You Should definitely come to the underclassman mixer tonight in the quad…
Trey: Who gives Rachel the good cock?
Rachel: But I think we are making your new roommate uncomfortable
Trey: Hope you dont mind looking at my girlfriend hot body ? But no touchy Rachel Pussy bro she is mine…
Balnca: I am totally hot for smart guys…Most college guys want to party. But I get wet for the ones here to learn…wanna come with me? Somewhere private…Your lips are so soft and sweet but they tell me you are still a novice…So I will teach you…Go ahead explore my body. Do you want to see whats in my panties…I shaved it this morning…Its cleaner and feel sooo soft…touch it…

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