Savita Bhabhi Movie Lulli Soundtrack
Los Angeles, CA – The Savita Bhabhi Movie Soundtrack was launched online by its creator Deshmukh today. In another departure from the ordinary, the soundtrack was launched via a YouTube application which not only allows the fans to listen to the original soundtrack but also sing along with the lyrics that come on screen. Fans can also select which song they want to hear in the application itself.

The soundtrack was also launched on the Apple iTunes music store. Deshmukh had this to say about the achievement “This is the first time an adult movie anywhere in the world has launched its original soundtrack on the iTunes store, so the fact that it’s an Indian movie that did it is something that I’m really proud of”

The soundtrack has 8 songs in total, out of which 3 were produced exclusively for the movie. The title song is “Savita Bhabhi” by the band Shor Bazaar.

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