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Savita Bhabhi Episode 96 Fireworks

Hello to the fans and admirer of Savita Bhabhi comics here in this Savita Bhabhi Episode 96 we are viewing Savi and her mom playing with a dick. Background of the cover shows fireworks so they are celebrating during diwali festival.
Savita and Ashok are celebrating in episode 96 the Festival of Lights Diwali with their neighbors and best friends Annie and Alex. Savita’s mom Menaka and Ashok’s uncle are still in town as well, however, and three of Alex’s best pals are visiting from the United States too. So as the party grows more extensive, so does each of the revelers’ lust. Menaka is determined to find someone inexperienced and hung to fuck with, now that her sexual affection has returned with her widowhood. And an African-American among the Jones’ U.S. posse is attached to a magical hereditary appendage that one of the partygoers gets to involvement in the most eye-opening of situations. So celebrate Diwali’s sexier side with this expanded holiday reward issue of Savita Bhabhi!

Some Wording from the Sequence

Ashok: Happy Diwali
Savita: Please accept this humble gift, as gratitude for inviting us into your home
Alex: Where’s your mom she’s joining us isn’t she?
Savita: Oh just running a bit late. Vanity is one moms charms. Don’t forget to compliment her outfit.
Menaka: All right Menaka you still got the goods…just need proper packaging to advertise them…the lucky young man who gets to fuck you tonight.
Shaun: Ah, I Remember the days before Alex met Annie and sobered up. God Knows how many women he had been with before.
Alex: Oh my, that look like an awful cramp, Shaun. You might want to stop talking before you get another one.
Savita: Why don’t you boys help yourself to some drinks while I go help Alex out.
Savita: Make you a deal, if I don’t arouse you we’ll stop…The Perfect Orgasm…I am coming you feel it

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