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Savita Bhabhi Episode 94 Double Your Pleasure – 67Pg

Here you go, We bring the another series of Free Kirtu Comics. The morning after indulging Ashok’s surprising cuckold kink, our Sexy Women in Savita Bhabhi episode 94 still doesn’t know what to make of Patel’s first night of sex together in ages. But she doesn’t get the luxury of processing the episode when some unannounced guests drop by her house for the upcoming Festival of Lights “Diwali” celebration. Further chaos ensues when a cricket ball comes crashing through the window, courtesy of some other familiar faces who can’t help but stir up trouble in Savita’s life.

Some Wording from this Sequence

Savita: I Slept lika a baby, Where’s Ashok. I Guess last night wasn’t Dream. Ashok: Do you want to fuck Alex. Savita: Yes. Ashok: I’hv wanted to hear you say that for so long. Savita: God, I hope He Doesn’t Suspect.
Ashok: Good Morning Gorgeous. Now that’s a sexy greeting. Savita: You are not angry. Ashok: Angry? After the amazing fucking you give me last night?

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