Savita Bhabhi Episode 89 Intensive Care

It was Shocking, it happened so quickly and then the next thing you’re waking up in Intensive Care. Hello Savita Bhabhi Comic Readers here we bring Savita Bhabhi Episode 89.

As you read in the earlier episode that our Sexy Bhabhi Savita Start its new company of tiffin delivery, which was going well. But, she want more success so she over worked for new business day and night. That she faints in the kitchen one day. When she’s get back in the sense she’s in the hospital. However, when Bhabhi wakes up to a new business dealing partner and an marvelous sexual experience.

According to the cover, Bhabhi is nude on the Doctor’s Examination Table. Her Juicy Mango Boobs are clearly visible with her horny hairy pussy. Behind her Nurse looks upset. And a Doctor with erect penis clearly has seen in his trouser pant. He can be seen checking Savita’s Boobs with the stethoscope.

Hey did you read the Savita Bhabhi Episode 88 Delivering Desires in which she appoint attractive teenage Tiffin delivery boy. But he’s a horny young person. Check it out what happen next.
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