Savita Bhabhi Episode 85 Back to Work

Savita Bhabhi comics lovers here in this Savita Bhabhi Part # 85 we can see that Sexy Sabita is return back to work. It means the new adventure of sex is going or related to the office.
From the cover we can see that savita is tied on the chair and there is Bade Sahab. Actually in this Part as the title said that savita is again going back to her job. So the encounter is going to happen their. As you read from the previous encounters she does not got a chance to get back to work.
When she finally got the time she notice a new employee Farhan is sitting at her desk. But this new colleague is very much intelligent, ambitious, and motivated to his work. Of course, Savita has her sexy charms, but when both partners accuse about each other to Bade Sahab, the boss makes Savita re-apply for her work–and prove her ability to thrive under his strict managerial discipline! So Bhabhi get threat of her job, so she is going to seduce the new guy in her very own way. Now what she does to secure her job and what going to happens we are going to read that in the coming updates.

Till then read the earlier Savita Bhabhi Part 84 Giving the Dog a Bone and read to know how savita enjoying with the dog trainer.
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