Savita @ 18 All Episode in English

Savita @ 18 All Episode in English
Ever Imagined how naughty Savita as a teenager (18) would be? Kirtu presents Savita @ 18 series; a series dedicated to the naughty adventures of your favourite Savita Bhabhi during her teenage days.

Savita @ 18 Episode 1
Its been two months since Savita had lost her virginity on her 18th birthday. Now her Raj Bhaiya is off to college leaving her horny and frustrated. Even though she uses her fingers to satisfy herself, she misses the feeling of a throbbing cock inside her pussy. Just when she thinks she can’t take it any more, her childhood best friend Ankit comes into the picture.

Savita @ 18 Episode 2Savita’s family is having a guest over for a few days and they’ve decided that Savita will be the one to keep him company while the parents are out of the house. Savita is angry at first but when she finds out the son of her father’s old friend is coming over and that he is college stud; she is more than happy to look after his ‘needs’ while he is visiting.

Savita @ 18 Episode 3
Savita will be joining her new college within a month and she wants to make a great impression on her first day. But when she asks her father for extra pocket-money to purchase a new dress he refuses. So Savita is forced to take on a part-time job as a waitress to make some extra cash. However her new boss is big pervert and keeps hitting on her.

Savita @ 18 Episode 4One month has passed since Savita enrolled at her new college and things have changed a lot. Thanks to the sexy dresses that she purchased using the money from her part-time job, she is now the most sought after girl in college.

Savita @ 18 Episode 5
Savita back in the college days and a first year student. Savita loves to swim and the swimming club captain notice her gorgeous body and big boobs. He said if she kept on practicing she might make it to the swimming club.

Savita @ 18 Episode 6
Savita’s running for class president, and she needs all the help she can get! When a group of nerds offer their support, she isn’t prepared for what it is they want in exchange! But this is Savita, and there’s nothing she can’t handle- watch as she uses her wiles to turn the situation to her favor in the latest issue of Savita @18!

Savita @ 18 Episode 7
The sexy 18 year old Savita is at it again! This time her horny nature lands her up with two bhaiyas!!! In this exciting penultimate episode of the series, Savita is spied on having sex with Ankit. The person watching them is none other than Ankit’s elder bhaiya Akash! Now does it end up being Akash who wants to fuck Savita, or the other way around? And how will Savita keep both of them happy? Find out in this sexy episode of Savita @ 18 : Sexy Sandwich.